A brief history of bitcoin What is this Bitcoin everyone is talking about?- Over the course of the last few months, nearly everyone has been talking about the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is very simple, Bitcoin value against US Dollar and other major currencies started climbing […]

Bitcoins Takeover

In order to be successful with the tools, tips & strategies that we offer on this website, your mindset must be that of an entrepreneur or a person that is willing to become one. Just In case you don’t know exactly what one is… To be a successful entrepreneur you must have […]


Network Marketing-From a Paid Killers perspective. How Network Marketing changed my life. I remember working on the back of a trash truck.. I’ve worked in restaurants, bars & even a factory but the job that still haunts me today is when I worked as a paid killer. Yes that’s right, I […]

Network Marketing-From a Paid Killers perspective.