Network Marketing-From a Paid Killers perspective. 1

Network Marketing-From a Paid Killers perspective.

How Network Marketing changed my life.

I remember working on the back of a trash truck..

I’ve worked in restaurants, bars & even a factory but the job that still haunts me today is when I worked as a paid killer.

a picture from the killing days.

Yes that’s right, I was a paid killer.

Every day, I woke up and prepared myself to kill for a living that day.

I didn’t know anything about network marketing.

I was a sloppy killer too. There was always blood everywhere.

Most of the time I dismembered the bodies for my employers.

Most days I killed several times in just one day.

This made my employers very happy but these experiences changed my life forever.

I began to feel that killing was bad and I shouldn’t be doing it.

I Informed my employers, collected what was owed to me and quit…On the spot.

I had to get three jobs to equal the money I was making as a paid killer for the slaughterhouse but I slept easier at night.

(You will too now) lol

Below is a short video that explains why I chose the network marketing space.

Maybe we can relate.

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