Laser Light Give Away

We’ve had so much fun with the Laser Light Give Away, we decided to give them all away!

What is the the Laser Light Give Away?

When you watch me on a Facebook Live & there are 50 people or more on that live,

I will immediately start the LASER LIGHT GIVE AWAY by asking a question.

The first person to comment the correct answer in the comment section of my Facebook Live,

WINS & will ship it free of charge as well.

Her are a few of our winners so far.

Donnie Benda won Feb 22, 2016 and gave it to his son, who sent us this video…


The video below showcases all the features of the product we are giving away.

We are not associated with pulsetv (the makers of the video) but we would like to

acknowledge their time it took to makes such a thorough video explaining the Laser FX.
When done the video please continue reading to see how you

can win one watching me on a Facebook Live.

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