Cold Call Script

Here’s a powerful Cold Call Script to use on your next network marketing cold call.

Many network marketers dread talking on the phone because they just don’t know what to say or how to say it.

This cold call script will guide you in exactly what to say and will help build your confidence as you become proficient in its use.

This cold call script has been specifically designed to lead the conversation in the desired direction, so follow it carefully.

We suggest reading through the cold call script first, then practice alone saying the words out loud.

Next you will be ready to practice on a friend.

When using the cold call script, don’t forget to smile.

People can tell when you are smiling because your voice smiles 🙂

The cold call script is in two parts and are jpegs.

I will add a document style soon but I just wanted to get this out to you as soon as I read the book.



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