It’s 5:30 a.m., Sunday, February 4th 2018. Hope you are having or had a great day! Still in bed, I always reach for my Iphone to check my email and messages. One of the very first Facebook messages I get from a stranger this morning says this… “I have this […]

Quit Chasing Big Fish

  Six ways to increase your income now! Six ways to increase your income now! There are many ways to increase your income quickly. There are so many different ways to make money but not all of them are feasible and not all of them can be done quickly. Make […]

How to Increase Your Income Now

On Occasions, users of cryptocurrency will see wild prices Fluctuate due to related to a phenomena called a fork. Let us know what causes a fork and the potential ramifications of this event.   To simplify, Bitcoin uses computer generated code to create a form of digital money. Bitcoin was the first to […]

Bitcoin Fork? What is it?